Gatto Egitto Vendita Online


Gatto Egitto Vendita Online

Please note this Gatto Egitto Vendita Online is black color and size is 31*10.5*17 cm, if you need other color and size, please contact us. You can use this bastet cat statue to decorate the bedroom, living room, shop, bar and various places. We also support to customize your own design. The price not include the delivery fee.

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Gatto Egitto Vendita Online

Please Note: This design of Gatto Egitto belong to MSA.

If you want order these items, please contact us to check the delivery fee.

If you want to custom your own design, we can help you.

TitleGatto Egitto Vendita Online
Artist’s CommentsThis style is gatto egitto bastet. We have three sizes. Bastet is the Egyptian goddess of the home, domesticity, women’s secrets, cats, fertility, and childbirth. She protected the home from evil spirits and disease, especially diseases associated with women and children. As with many deities in Egyptian religion, Gatto Egitto also played a role in the afterlife as a guide and helper to the dead although this was not one of her primary duties. Gatto Egitto bastet was the daughter of the sun god Ra and is associated with the concept of the Eye of Ra (the all-seeing eye) and the Distant Goddess (a female deity who leaves Ra and returns to bring transfromation).

Bastet was extremely popular throughout Egypt with both men and women from the Second Dynasty of Egypt (c. 2890 – c. 2670 BCE) onward with her cult centered at the city of Bubastis from at least the 5th century BCE. She was first represented as a woman with the head of a lioness and closely associated with the goddess Sekhmet but, as that deity’s iconography depicted her as increasingly aggressive, Bastet’s images softened over time to present more of a daily companion and helper than her earlier forms as savage avenger.

CatagoryResin Statuettes
Item No.1J526001 – Medium
ThemeEgyptian Goddess, Cat
Size31*10.5*17 cm. Customized size as your needs.
ColorBlack, Any colors with plated as your needs.
CraftMolded, Polished, Colored Painting
Recommended UsageLiving room, Bedroom, Coffee shop, Bar, Hotel decoration.
Delivery TimeAbout 7 days after payment confirm.
Payment TermsWe accept T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram or Paypal.

1J526001 Medium 30 Gatto Egitto Vendita Online

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Additional information

Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions35 x 15 x 22 cm

Fiber-reinforced Plastic (FRP) 玻璃钢, Resin 树脂


Resin Casting

  • MOQ: 1 Piece Gatto Egitto Vendita Online
  • Size: 31*10.5*17 cm
  • Lead Time: 7 days
  • Customized Part: Material, Color, Size and Design.
  • We can make it base on your own design, also we offer the design service.
  • Designer: MSA
  • Availability: Yes, you can add item to cart and pay it directly.