Crocodile Sculpture Resin Plated Chrome

Crocodile Sculpture Resin Plated Chrome

The crocodile is a flagship work of Richard Orlinski. It is the perfect representation of the wild animal that has adapted to its environment. Having survived both natural disasters and glaciations (unlike dinosaurs), it is a symbol of survivability. Despite their very different anatomy of each other, man and crocodile share the reptilian brain, one of the three brains of man.
A brain without memory governed by innate reeds, seat of our impulses of violence. For this achievement, Orlinski worked for more than two years on the proportions of the animal. Proportions that end up imposing themselves with obviousness, conferring on the sculpture a vitality? Truer than nature ?

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Crocodile Sculpture Resin Plated Chrome

Please Note: This design of crocodile sculpture belong to Richard Orlinski.

Our factory is just the maker, we have no right to sell it. You can buy it via the artist’s website.

If you want to custom your own design, we can help you.

Title Crocodile Sculpture Resin Plated Chrome
Artist’s Comments Le crocodile est une ?uvre phare de Richard Orlinski. Il est la représentation parfaite de l’animal sauvage qui s’est adapté à son environnement. Ayant survécu à la fois aux catastrophes naturelles, mais aussi aux glaciations (contrairement aux dinosaures), il est le symbole de la capacité de survie. Malgré leur anatomie bien différente l’une de l’autre, l’homme et le crocodile ont en commun le cerveau reptilien, un des trois cerveaux de l’homme.
Un cerveau sans mémoire régi par des ré?exes innés, siège de nos pulsions de violence. Pour cette réalisation, Orlinski a travaillé pendant plus de deux ans sur les proportions de l’animal. Des proportions qui finissent par s’imposer avec évidence, conférant à la sculpture une vitalité ?plus vraie que nature?.
Catagory Resin Sculptures
Item No. 1H908002
Theme Animal
Size 30cm , 70cm , 110cm, 200cm , 350cm, 530cm
Customized as your needs.
Color Any other color possible on request.
Material Resin (Fiber Reinforced Polymer/Plastic)
Craft Modeling, Enamel Paint or Plated Chrome
Recommended Usage Plaza, Park, Showroom, Mall, Garden,Yard.
Delivery Time Please check the terms via the artist’s e-shop.
Payment Terms Please check the terms via the artist’s e-shop. If you want to custom your own design, we accept T/T, Western Union or Paypal.
Copyright Richard Orlinski

Crocodile Sculpture Resin Plated Chrome


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Fiber-reinforced Plastic (FRP) 玻璃钢, Resin 树脂


Chrome Plated 镀铬, Resin Casting


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  • MOQ: 1 Piece
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  • Customized Part: Material, Color, Size and Design.
  • We can make it base on your own design, also we offer the design service.
  • Designer: Richard Orlinski
  • Year: 2016
  • Availability: No, please buy via the designer own website. We just help the designer made this sculpture.