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  • 1H908001 Geometric Wolf Sculpture Custom Factory Black1H908001 Geometric Wolf Sculpture Custom Factory (3)

    Geometric Wolf Sculpture Custom Factory

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    Escaping the control of men, the wolf has trained their irrational fear. Archetype of the wild animal loving freedom, he howls to the moon. Richard Orlinski pays tribute to the nobility of this animal.

  • Life Size Wolf Sculpture Resin Maker

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    The wolf haunts our archaic fears, he embodies our carnivorous instincts. To tame his wild nature, Richard Orlinski the faceted waist, increases these on the neck and the tail to magnify the thickness of his fur. The sculptor testifies to the ambivalence of the myth: is the wolf in a position of attack or defense?

  • Wolf Head Sculpture Supplier (4)Wolf Head Sculpture Supplier (2)

    Wolf Head Sculpture Supplier


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    You can customize this wolf head sculpture with other material such as wood or brass. We also can help you making your own sculpture design.

  • 1I711011 wolf head statue wall decoration (1)

    Wolf Head Statue Wall Decoration


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    Please note this Wolf Head Statue is white color, if you need other color and size, please contact us. We also support to customize your own design with the material you need.