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    Spider Sculpture Statues Artwork Supply

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    SPIDER-Beautiful and cruel.
    Once again, The designer questions an archaic fear, the fear of the spider, and exorcises it by sublimating its beauty. He invents it smooth and not hairy, brilliant and not dull, tapered and balanced in eight legs with magnified joints.
    The fear of the spider is motivated by its cruelty. She watches for the prey to get stuck in her web, paralyzes them, liquefies them and sucks them. Her death trap with sublime geometry motivated the frightful legend of the beautiful Arachne, transformed into a spider for daring to challenge the goddess Athena in the art of weaving. A myth that pays tribute to artistic creation and was represented by Titian. Rubens, Velasquez …
    The spider also weaves the cocoon that protects its babies and embodies as such a maternal image of femininity. The sculptor Louise Bourgeois created a representation in homage to her mother.
    Like his predecessors, the designer is fascinated by the insect and its symbolic ambivalence. Creativity, patience, but also ferocity and darkness. The spider fits perfectly into his particular bestiary.