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  • Cloth Sculpture Clear Resin Maker (1)Cloth Sculpture Clear Resin Maker (2)

    Cloth Sculpture Clear Resin Maker

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    Still inhabited by life, as evidenced by the many folds, the last work of James, diverts the leather, this archetypal material, to sublimate it in an aerial work.

  • Sculpture Yard Statue Studio (1)Sculpture Yard Statue Studio (2)

    Sculpture Yard Statue Studio

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    Symbol of America in the sixties, these mythical trousers, once worn by cowboys, have become a staple of international fashion. This image of virile power, metamorphosed into a sculptural aesthetic by James, can be seen as a masculine replica of Stiletto sculpture. Animated with life, symbols, fantasies, these unbuttoned trousers open on the void, on the absence of body.