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The Relationship Between Sculpture And Photography

The Relationship Between Sculpture And Photography Wojciechowski 2004, p. 32 The relationship between sculpture and photography, unlike the dialogue between the latter and painting, was long treated as a peripheral issue. For years the disciplines in question were considered incompatible, as if they belonged to different areas of cognition and represented disparate ways of capturing reality. Yet as early as the mid-20th century photography began to show potential that sculpture seemed to be lack. Photography appeared to be more accurate, more [...]


What Is Art And Design?

What is art and design? We often think about design and art as of the same thing, but in fact, there are some particular differences that separate these two forms of creativity. Even though both artists and designers aim to create a visual image, their reasons may be completely different. People often believe that there is a fine line between design and art since art often appears in design magazines and designers are engaged with art projects. The difference between [...]


Sculpture VS Statue

Sculpture vs Statue What’s the difference between a statue and a sculpture?  In this article, we main explain the difference between sculpture vs statue from three point: the theme of the art the material the size The difference of the theme The statue definition, “a likeness (as of a person or animal) sculptured, modeled, or cast in a solid substance (such as marble, bronze, or wax). Generally speaking a statue is a three dimensional representation of a human, animal or in some cases an imaginary figure [...]